Special Days & Awareness Programmes

A Community Commitment to Road Safety

Integral Unversity Event

On December 27th, Integral University took a significant stride in promoting community road safety awareness through the "Road Safety Awareness" program. Professor Munawwar Khalid, Dean of Students' Welfare, delivered insights into the critical role of road safety awareness in India, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to address infrastructure deficiencies and enforcement challenges. The program featured expert talks by Mr. Vipin Pandey, Traffic Inspector of Lucknow, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Safety Manager at Traffic Training Park Lucknow, and Mr. Sayyed Ehtisham, Road Safety Coordinator at Maruti Suzuki. The event included quizzes, hampers, and student pledges to adhere to traffic signals, making it an enriching and informative session focused on fostering safe driving behaviors.