Special Days & Awareness Programmes

A Community Drive to Combat Poverty

Integral Unversity Event

Integral University's Department of Humanities launched a compelling initiative on December 8, 2023, to address global poverty. Dr. Sahu, Head of Sociology at Lucknow University, and Prof. Dr. Shahid Ali Khan, Dean of Humanities, joined Prof. Zeba Aqeel and Assistant Professor Dr. Archana Pandey for an impactful event. Dr. Sahu emphasized the transformative power of empathy in combating poverty, sparking enthusiastic participation from Integral University's dynamic student community in poetry recitation and poster-making competitions. The university demonstrated philanthropy by installing a dedicated donation box for clothing contributions in the Department of Humanities, illuminating a path toward a more compassionate world. Integral University's commitment goes beyond envisioning a poverty-free world, actively working to transform this vision into reality.