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Advances in Drone Technology & Its Applications

An interactive session /expert lecture on “Advances in Drone Technology & Its Applications” was organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in association with Women Study Centre Integral University, Lucknow on 08.02.2023 in Hall 1 of central auditorium. The expert for this session was Ms Varsha Kukreti , Ex. Indian Force Squadron Leader & CEO Auto Micro UAS Aerotech.Ms Varsha a keen aviation enthusiast who has flown in Kiran and MiG21 aircraft of the IAF explained how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, have come in a great diversity of several applications such as military, construction, image and video mapping, medical, search and rescue, parcel delivery, hidden area exploration, oil rigs , power line monitoring, precision farming & wireless communications.

The session commenced with the welcome address of Prof.(Dr.) P.K Bharti, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering who also emphasized the needs and requirements of drones by individual entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large companies to accomplish various tasks.Expert shared her personal experiences as well as manufacturing technique of drones .Session was full of encouragement and motivation for the entire women fraternity as well . She appreciated and acknowledged the role of women in Indian defense services. There were 94 participants from the different departments of the Integral University, Lucknow.In the interactive session audience also availed the opportunity of asking questions and solving their queries regarding different aspects of drone technology and their applications in various service sectors especially in defense , which helped them in developing better understanding of the subject.The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Sumita Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and member, Women’s Study Centre ,Integral University ,Lucknow.