Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Antibiotic Awareness Week

The Faculty of Pharmacy organized Antibiotic Resistance Week, 2016 from December 5,2016, through December 7, 2016.

The following events were conducted during the program-
DAY 1 (05/12/2016)
Visit to Rural Area
The students of Faculty of Pharmacy along with the Faculty members visited the health centre of Integral University at Sansarpur village.
Our students interacted with the patients in the Out Patients Department.
The patients were informed about their ailments with special reference to the problems related to development of Antibiotic resistance.
They extended awareness and counselling to the patients with respect to the health hazards related to abuse of Antibiotics. A questionnaire-based survey was done and posters and pamphlets were employed to create awareness among the general public.

DAY 2 06/12/2016)
Visit to IIMSR Hospital

The team members along with the students visited IIMSR at Integral University campus.
• Our staff and students interacted with the patients in the Out Patients Department as well as the In Patients Department.
• Awareness and counselling with respect to Antibiotic resistance were communicated by the students supported through posters and pamphlets.
• Questionnaire-based survey was also done. Our faculty members (Dr Anuradha Mishra and Dr Mujahid) delivered lectures on abuse of antibiotics to the medical students.
Poster Presentation and Debate Session
The Poster presentation and Debate competition was held in Faculty of Pharmacy premises
and students displayed posters related to use and misuse of Antibiotic. These posters were judged by a team of experts and awarded accordingly. The students were guided and encouraged by the experts.

DAY 3 (07/12/2016)

Scientific Lectures

The program was concluded with scientific lectures given by Faculty members in the Seminar Hall at Faculty of Pharmacy chaired by Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Director Planning and Research and Dr. Syed M Hasan, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy.

• The session was initiated with Introductory remarks by Dr Syed M Hasan, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy where he stressed the importance of Antibiotic resistance and directed the student's attention towards the potential hazards related to it.
Dr. Tarique M Ansari, Head, and Faculty of Pharmacy delivered a lecture on the topic
"Antibiotic Resistance: A silent global threat". He explained through scientific data about the hazards of antibiotic resistance.
Dr. Nitin R. Gupta, Department of Medicine, IIMS&R delivered a lecture on the topic
"Use and Misuse of Antibiotics". Dr. Nitin R. Gupta was elegant during his talk on use and misuse of Antibiotics. He cited many examples of antibiotics which were thought to eradicate infectious diseases have now become ineffective through irrational prescribing which causes not only antibiotic resistance but disturbs normal flora of Gastro-Intestinal Tract. This may not just lead to adverse effect like diarrhea and colitis
but may be the cause of serious diseases like cancer etc.

  • Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Director Planning and Research, appreciated the efforts of the members of faculty and inspired the students to communicate and educate the people about the rational use of antibiotics. He emphasizes on the need for us to inform immediate family members about antibiotic awareness.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of Posters and Debate competition by Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar Director, Planning and Research.
The program was concluded with Vote of thanks by Program Incharge, Dr. Vaseem Ahmad Ansari.