Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Antibiotic Awareness Week

The Faculty of Pharmacy organized Antibiotic Awareness Week, 2017 from 20th November 2017 through 22nd November, 2017. The target being not only spreading awareness about antibiotics but also the risk factors associated with neglecting the maintenance of proper hygiene. The antibiotic Awareness programme started on 20th November, 2017

The following events were conducted during the program.



AccheriPurva, Barabanki (20/11/17)

  • The students of Faculty of Pharmacy along with the Faculty members visited Accheri Purva, Barabanki.
  • The student volunteers along with staff members split in groups and traversed through the village interacting with the community. The residents of the village were made aware of the various aspects of health and hygiene and its importance in preventing infections. Students volunteers emphasized on importance of appropriate use of antibiotics and the possible repercussions of neglecting administration of dose, dosing schedule and duration of therapy. The team members had to put in lot of efforts considering the poor literacy level and general health awareness. Moreover, the negligence about some of the serious.



The team members along with students visited the Health Centre, Integral University at Sansarpur.

  • Team interacted with the patients in the Out-Patient Department. The patients were informed about their ailments with special reference to the problems related to development of Antibiotic resistance.
  • They extended awareness and counseling to the patients with respect to the health hazards related to abuse of Antibiotics. A questionnaire-based survey was also carried out.
  • Awareness was created through posters and pamphlets also.
  • The students were encouraged by the Physicians for more such activities of social awareness where they advised students to visit the Integral Hospital.


VISIT TO IIMSR (22/11/17)

The team members along with the students visited IIMSR at Integral University campus.

  • Students interacted with the patients in the Out -Patient Department as well as the In -Patient Department.
  • An awareness and counseling with respect to Antibiotic resistance was communicated by the students supported by the posters and pamphlets.
  • A questionnaire-based survey was also done. The students were overwhelmed by the positive response by the Patients who were eager to know more about their medicines and their rational use.
  • The programme was concluded with the discussion on the experiences gained by students during their visit, with Prof. S. M. Hasan, Dean,Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Tarique Mahmood, Head, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Event Coordinator Dr. Vaseem Ansari. Other team members included Dr. M. Mujahid, Dr.Shazia Usmani and Dr. Afroz Ahmed.
  • Deductions made from the questionnaire can be used to develop better strategies in future for social awareness with respect to the concept of rational drug therapy.