Integral Unversity Event

In a riveting collaboration, the Department of Languages joined forces with the Ministry of MSME-Technology Development Centre (PPDC), Government of India Society, to unveil a Two-Day Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Research, held on the enchanting day of November 29th. This workshop didn't just scratch the surface; it dove deep into the profound impact of AI across sectors, inviting leading scholars to explore its technical, legal, and social implications. Aligned with India's ambitious "Vision of India AI" and contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4, the workshop set out on a mission to ride the AI wave and prepare India for the future. But what made this workshop truly stand out?
Workshop Highlights:
Picture this – a journey into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence, transcending diverse sectors. Delving into the nitty-gritty of technicalities, legalities, regulations, and the social fabric affected by generative AI systems. Engaging with luminaries and practitioners, unraveling the secrets behind responsible and ethical AI practices.
The Starring Resource Persons:
Enter the maestros of the AI realm – Mr. Akash Sharma, the Director and Co-Founder of Digital Dronacharya Pvt. Ltd., and Ms. Gauri Kapur, another luminary in the AI galaxy and Director and Co-Founder of Digital Dronacharya Pvt. Ltd. Adding a touch of brilliance to the lineup is Ms. Nancy Dilawar, an SEO Specialist and AI Trainer hailing from Haryana.
The Grand Finale – Award of Certificate:
As the curtains drew to a close on this intellectual extravaganza, the Ministry of MSME-Technology Development Centre (PPDC), Government of India Society took center stage to confer the coveted Certificates. Participants were not just attendees; they were graduates of a knowledge-rich journey into the future of AI.
The end of the workshop was nothing short of immaculate – a tapestry woven with advancements and erudition of AI technology, creating a vision that resonated with every individual present. It wasn't just about learning; it was about embracing the future with knowledge, leaving everyone with a remarkable vision for their respective endeavors. In the grand play of AI, this workshop was a blockbuster, and the credits roll with the promise of a future shaped by insights, innovation, and endless possibilities. Cheers to the AI revolution!