Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Awareness on Road Safety

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow (U.P., India) organized a slogan writing event on the theme "Road Safety Awareness" on February 18th, 2021, on the account of Road Safety Awareness Month.

Around 150 participants from different disciplines participated in the event out of which the Panel of Judges chose the best four entries.

The event was conducted under the supervision of Dr. M. Akheela Khanum, Head, Department of CSE, Integral University who motivated the students, along with the faculty coordinators Mrs. Nudrat Fatima, Mrs. Sheeba Praveen and Mr. Ijtaba Salem Khan.

The Best slogans were selected and the winners declared for the event arc as follows: -

The First Prize for the event was awarded to Baby Kulsum Yasmin, student of B.Pth 2nd Year.

The Second Prize for the event was awarded to Sonali Kanaujiya student of B.Pth 2nd Year.

The Third Prize for the event was awarded to Two Students for their Slogan entries.

1. Azeem Khan Student of B.Tech (CSE) 2nd Year.

Slogan : “Dropdown Your Speed, because you are your family’s need”

2. Shaista Taskeen student of Ph.D (English) 1st Year.

Slogan: “Staying Sane on Road is Staying safe on Road”