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Awareness Program on No To Plastic Bags

The volume of plastic produced in the world has increased significantly and an increasing amount of plastic litter ends up in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem. Plastic litter is hazardous to the terrestrial & marine environment because plastics are durable, buoyant ,waterproof ,indigestible and non-biodegradable. Plastic debris injuries and kills fish , seabirds and marine mammals. Pollution due to single use plastic items has become an important environmental challenge confronting all countries. India is committed to take action for mitigation of pollution caused by littered Single Use Plastics. Plastic has multiple uses and the physical and chemical properties lead to commercial success. However, the indiscriminate disposal of plastic has become a major threat to the environment. In particular, the plastic carry bags are the biggest contributors of littered waste and every year, millions of plastic bags end up in to the environment via soil, water bodies, water courses, etc. and it takes an average of one thousand years to decompose completely. In this regards an awareness program on "No to plastic bags" was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering on April 2018 at Primary School, Dasauli, Bakhshi ka Talaab, Lucknow, The students of B.Tech, Civil Engineering actively participated in the event. The program was arranged at the primary school, Bakshi ka talab, Dasauli, Lucknow. About 220 students participated including those from different departments. The aim of the program was to aware the community and to make earth clean, green and pollution free planet. Types of plastic pollution created by human beings have been discussed. The possible changes each one of us can incorporate into our daily lives that will make a remarkable impact on our environment have been discussed in the program.