Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Awareness Program Right to Vote

As India is the finest and largest example of democracy and demographically also one of the youngest in the world. Therefore, reaching out to the youth and sensitizing them about healthy democratic practices are of vital importance.

For the aim stated above and to make the young generation aware of the importance of voting, an awareness program was conducted on 09.09.2017 wherein 28 young girls and boys had participated. The following points are the key highlights of the program:

1. Current trend of voting percentages in India and in other developed countries.

2. Impact of youth participation in electoral practice.

3. Benefits of high voting turnout.

The program is coordinated by Mr. Zishan Raza Khan Associate Professor Department of Civil Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow. The students actively participated in the event along with the students from other faculties. There were about 200 students in the activity.