Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Awareness Program Safe Drinking Water

Awareness Program Safe Drinking Water at Bakshi ka talab, Chetanpurwa Village. held on 18th November, 2018 organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Integral University. Lucknow. Without water. life is not possible on the earth. We totally rely on water for public health and equitable progress. It is essential for food and energy security. and it underpins the functioning of industries. The student community, understand the importance of water conservation. Public awareness of water conservation is necessary to increase knowledge of water resources, water use. and the need to conserve water. For this purpose, an awareness program at the Chetanpurwa Village. Tehsil Bakshi Ka Talab was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering on 18th November 2018. The faculty coordinator for the program was Mr. Nusrat Ali. The students of B.Tech Civil Engineering actively participated in the event. A total of 310 students were involved in the activity including participation from the other departments.

The student's coordinators were Shikha Chaurasiya and Ritika Yadav. The students gave presentation on different methods of water conservation with special reference to rainwater harvesting, watershed management & water purification. Students Informed that in India the use of water is 10% for domestic purpose, about 80-85% for agricultural purposes, and about 5% for Industrial purposes therefore the emphasis was on the conservation of water in all the aspects. The camp was arranged near the pond which is located at the central place of the village. The villagers are using underground water for all.