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Brief report of 10th International Day of Yoga 2024, celebrated at Integral University, Lucknow

Integral Unversity Event

In compliance with Directives of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, Integral University celebrated 10th International Day of Yoga at its lush green and beautiful campus convocation lawns on 21st June, 2024. International Day of Yoga (IDY) is observed every year on June 21st to raise awareness about this ancient practice and to celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga has brought to the world. It was first observed globally on June 21, 2015, after our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative, due to which on December 11, 2014, the United Nations General Assembly designated June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. Yoga is a practice which plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body and boosting people’s immune system.

This year, the theme is “Yoga for Women Empowerment” emphasizes yoga’s transformative power in addressing women’s health concerns and fostering overall wellness. This theme is particularly relevant as it underscores the importance of yoga in managing gynecological issues, promoting hormonal balance, and enhancing emotional resilience. By focusing on women’s health, International Day of Yoga 2024 aims to empower women to take charge of their well-being through the practice of Yoga.

The International Day of Yoga began at 6.00 AM at the convocation lawn of the University, with a brief introduction about the significance of this important day and the importance of Yoga in our day-to-day life by Prof. Monowar Alam Khalid, Dean, Students’ Welfare and also introduced the Professional Yoga Trainer Ms. Kamlesh Singh. She emphasized the importance of Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual health and also stressed its importance particularly for women highlighting the theme of this year’s yoga based on women empowerment. Important Asanas performed after the warming up exercise were Tādāsana, Vrikśāsana, Yoga Pada-Hastāsana, Ardha Chakrāsana, Trikonāsana etc in standing posture; in Sitting posture, important asanas performed were Bhadrāsana, Vajrāsana/Veerāsana, Ardha Usträsana, Ustrāsana, Satankasana, Utthāna Mandūkāsana, Marichyāsana/Vakrāsana etc. Few Supine posture Asanas were Setubandhāsana, Uttänapādāsana, Ardhahaläsana, Pavanamuktāsana, Šavāsana etc. Nearly 100 students and faculty members along with online registered participants took part in the event.

This year, Yoga Day was also the culmination of a week-long yoga programme organized by the Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (IIMSR) students, who started their yoga practice sessions daily from 13.06.2024 onwards, under the guidance of our university yoga trainer Ms. Sitara Sahani from Integral University Sports Academy (IUSA). This week-long yoga practice session was organized on the request of Dr. Gauhar Hussain, Professor & HOD, Department of Physiology, IIMSR to the IUSA Director Dr. Mohd. Zafar.