Business design contest “CREO” (I-Think, I-Believe)

A business design competition called "Creo" was set up to assist students discover their own startup concepts.

The event had a total of three rounds conducted on 8th,9th &10th March 2022. There was a prize pool of Rs.10,000. (1st place-Rs.5000,2nd place-Rs.3000,3rd place-Rs.2000). A total of 23 teams participated in Round 1. In Round 1 teams were judged and eliminated by the judges based on their entry submitted on the google forms. Out of 23 teams, 11 teams qualified for Round 2. In Round 2 teams presented their business models in front of the judges who then picked out the finest ideas which had the potential to embark on a place in the real market. Out of 11 teams,7 teams qualified for Round 3. In the final round teams had to present their business idea to the judges through a Power Point Presentation and their business canvas on the stage. After all the teams presented their ideas, the judges provided them marks and the top 3 teams with the highest marks were declared as the winners of the event respectively.