Calligraphy Workshop

The Department of Architecture and Design, under the aegis of Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Design, organized a workshop on "Calligraphy" from 22nd November 2021 to 26th November 2021. The program started with a guest lecture by Ar. Rahil Malik to get the basic knowledge about the Calligraphy under the theme of Communal Harmony. The students were free to write slogan, poem, or article in any one of the languages -Hindi, English, Urdu, or Arabic.

The coordinators were available to guide, encourage their work to impart writing skills and creativity. The total number of eighty six students were registered, and few more students from other department also participated and joined the guest lecture.

Department of Architecture & Design is organizing a workshop on "Calligraphy" from 22nd - 26th November, 2021. - sverma@iul.ac.in - IU Mail (google.com)