Special Days & Awareness Programmes

Communal Harmony Campaign Week

Communal harmony is the urgent need of hour to make the world a happy living place for all. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the core foundation values of Integral University. Marching ahead on this core value, the Integral University has become a benchmark of ‘Truly Global University’ which welcomes the students from different countries and different walks of life without any discrimination. Furthering the spirit of communal harmony through National Foundation for Communal Harmony, the Cultural Society and the Department of Physics of Integral University, under the aegis of office of Dean Students’ Welfare, celebrated Communal Harmony Campaign Week at Integral University from 19th to 25th November, 2022.

During the week-long program various events like slogan writing, rangoli making and poster making were organized on the theme of communal harmony, in which students from various departments participated in these competitions. Students were asked to design, draw and share their thoughts to deliver a meaningful message focusing on the main theme of the event and winners were announced on the basis of their prolific performances. All the participants showcased their creative skills, where they presented their aesthetic and creative ideas.

On this occasion, a guest lecture on the topic “Communal Harmony-key to National Integration”, was delivered by an eminent speaker Professor Nishi Pandey from Lucknow University who was introduced and welcomed by Professor Monowar Alam Khalid, Dean, Students’ Welfare, Integral University. In her lecture, Professor Nishi Pandey explained the importance of communal harmony in a broader perspective which is ingrained in our Indian culture since ages. She informed, that nowadays, there is disharmony on the basis of religion, gender, caste, colour, social and economical status. She concluded that communal harmony is a must for any society to live in peace and fraternity.

To strengthen the spirit of communal harmony, students and faculty co-coordinators of High Note Music Society of Integral University also gave incredible performances with patriotic and communal harmony songs. The gracious presence of Prof. T. Usmani, Proctor and Dean, Doctoral Studies during the last day of programme along with Prof. Monowar Alam Khalid, Dean, Students’ Welfare made the event more significant. The week-long program was well coordinated by Dr. Seema Srivastava, Head, Dr. Syed Salman Ahmad Warsi, Associate Professor from Department of Physics along with all the student’s coordinators. The programme fulfilled its purpose of flaming creativity and also giving the food of thought to the young minds on the importance of communal harmony. The program ended with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Ghazali Sami of Directorate of International Affairs, who expressed his gratitude to one for making this vibrant event a grand success. At the end of the program, the winners of all the competitions were awarded trophies by the chief guest and the dignitaries present in the event. Following is the list of prize winners:

Slogan Writing Competition

1st Prize – Nahin Nadeem – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

2nd Prize –Warish Fatima – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

3rd Prize –Nahid Fatima M.Sc. 2nd Year (Physics)

Poster Making Competition

1st Prize –Muskan Khan – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

2nd Prize (Combined)-Alisha Abbasi Shaikh – B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Akshita Rajpoot - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Aman Khan - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

3rd Prize –Mantasha Zafar - B. Sc. 2nd Year (ZBC)

Rangoli Making Competition

1st Prize – Group 4-Nahin Nadeem – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

Shilpa Dubey – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

Khadija Fatima – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

Jyoti Kumari – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

Kritika Gupta – M.Sc. 1st Year (Physics)

2nd Prize – Group 2 -Atika Khan – B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Tasbiha Arshad - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Sheram Khalid - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Iqra Zafar - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Yashab Khan - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

Md. Ashfaq Anwar - B. Tech. 1st Year (Comp Science)

3rd Prize – Group 3-Tanisha Thomas - B.Sc. 1st Year (PMS)

Deepika Chawla - B.Sc. 1st Year (PMS)

Kulsum Ara - B.Sc. 1st Year (PMS)

Vishal Singh - B.Sc. 1st Year (PMS)