Integral Unversity Event

Dive into the intellectual extravaganza that unfolded at Integral University's Constitution Day Celebration, where minds met and ideas soared in the lively ambiance of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences!
Picture this – an illustrious gathering graced by the presence of the esteemed Faculty, the revered Mr. Panch Dev Sharma (Dean of Student Welfare), and the respected HOD Prof. Zeba Aqil of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. The air was buzzing with anticipation as Integral University set the stage for a remarkable exploration of "Constitutional Federalism."
The spotlight of the event? A spellbinding guest lecture by none other than Dr. Panch Dev Sharma, the maestro of constitutional law from Lucknow University. Led by the esteemed Dean of the Department, the lecture unfolded as a captivating journey into the intricacies of constitutional federalism. Dr. Sharma, with his wealth of expertise, took center stage, weaving a narrative that unraveled the aspirations and responses intricately woven into the fabric of constitutional federalism.
As his words echoed through the attentive audience, the delicate dance between central and state governments came to life. Attendees were not mere spectators; they were captivated by the profound insights that flowed from Dr. Sharma's expertise. It wasn't just a lecture; it was a voyage into the heart of governance dynamics.
But the engagement didn't end there. An interactive session unfolded, a space where minds met and queries flowed. Participants seized the opportunity to engage with Dr. Sharma, seeking clarity and deepening their understanding of constitutional federalism. The event wasn't just a celebration; it was a dynamic exchange of ideas, a symphony of intellect harmonizing with curiosity.
Integral University extends its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Panch Dev Sharma for bringing his expertise to the stage and transforming the event into a resounding success. Such gatherings aren't just moments in time; they are catalysts for academic growth and community engagement, solidifying our university's commitment to promoting constitutional literacy and democratic values.