Social Services & Extension Activities

Counselling on Lung Infection

The Department of Community Medicine, Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research organized a counselling on Lung Infection on 12-03-2020 at Rural Health and Training Centre (BRIC) Sansarpur, Integral Institute of medical sciences and research (IMSR), Lucknow. Total 18 beneficiaries and 2 faculty/staff were involved in the activity.

A lung infection can be caused by a virus, bacteria, and sometimes even a fungus. One of the most common types of lung infections is called pneumonia. Pneumonia, which affects the smaller air sacs of the lungs, is most often caused by contagious bacteria, but can also be caused by a virus. A person becomes infected by breathing in the bacteria or virus after a nearby infected person sneezes or coughs.

Provision of health counselling is for promoting and maintaining individuals, family and community health.

Number of students participated: 28