Social Services & Extension Activities

counselling on Pentavalent Vaccine

Integral Unversity Event

The Department of Community Medicine, Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research organized a counselling on PENTAVALENT VACCINE on 18-01-2020 at Rural Health and Training Centre (RHTC) Sansarpur, Integral Institute of medical sciences and research (IIMSR), Lucknow.

“Pentavalent vaccine provides protection to a child from 5 life-threatening diseases Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and Hib. DPT (Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus) and Hep B are already part of routine immunization in India; Hib vaccine is a new addition. Together, the combination is called Pentavalent. Provision of health counselling is for promoting and maintaining individuals, family and community health."

Number of beneficiaries: 13

Number of coordinators: 9

Number of students participated: 28