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Integral Unversity Event

Hold on to your keyboards and buckle up for the riveting tale of the Women Empowerment Debate that recently rocked the tech-centric world of Integral University!
Picture this – the Department of Computer Science and Engineering took center stage, orchestrating a symphony of intellect and empowerment, all under the vibrant coordination of the one and only Ms. Salema Maryam.
In this thought-provoking extravaganza, participants didn't just engage in debates; they embarked on passionate odysseys, navigating the complex landscape of women's empowerment in the dynamic realms of computer science and engineering.
Ms. Salema Maryam, the maestro behind it all, conducted this intellectual carnival with finesse, ensuring a seamless exchange of ideas that echoed the importance of gender inclusivity in the tech realm. It wasn't just a debate; it was a celebration of diversity, where challenges were tackled head-on, and achievements were hailed with fervor.
From bridging the gender gap in STEM to championing diversity in leadership roles, participants fearlessly delved into the nitty-gritty, addressing the core issues that echo across the tech landscape. The event didn't just underscore the pivotal role of education and mentorship; it shouted it from the virtual rooftops!
Integral University, through such initiatives, emerges not just as an educational institution but as a trailblazer, actively contributing to sculpting a more inclusive and diverse panorama within the exciting realm of computer science and engineering