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Design thinking is an extension of innovation that allows the design solutions for end users with a single problem statement in mind. It not only imparts valuable skills but can help advance in the career. The Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Design (FoAPD) has successfully organized an Expert Talk on 31st March, 2023 for the students of 1st and 2nd of all UG programs running under the Department.

The expert talk started with the welcome and introductory address of Dr. Safiullah Khan, Head, Department of Architecture. He highlighted the importance of the design thinking approach used for practical and creative problem-solving. He also briefly discussed the benefits of using a Design Thinking approach—be it in a business, educational, personal, or social context.

The expert lecture started at 10:00 am with the introductory address about the speaker by the faculty coordinator. The expert Ar. Mohammad Yusuf Hasan, (Heritage and Conservation Head Lucknow under Mahira Heritage) gave the detailed overview of Design Approach and Thinking Criteria for an effective designer.

He emphasized the scope and purpose of Architectural Design as an important phase of every project, focusing heavily on the functionality and aestheticism of the project. He delivered a very informative lecture & discussed the 5 phases of design thinking. He talked at length about how design detail will make a difference in the day-to-day life of those who will be utilizing the space. Ar. Yusuf also briefed and explained the design process and challenges which are faced by Architect and Interior designer and the overall goals to identify alternative strategies and solutions.

The expert lecture lasted for an hour. A very wide knowledge was exhibited by Ar. Yusuf Hasan and it was a very helpful session for the students. The entire event was coordinated by faculty members of Department Ar. Mohammad Noman Mansoori and Ar. Mohammad Fahad Aslam.

The workshop closed with the vote of thanks by Coordinator Ar. Noman Mansoori to the experts for sparing their valuable time, University authorities, Head of Department and Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design for their direction, management, and support