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Fashion Design Program

Integral Unversity Event

In alignment to the vision of the university and program, industry exposure / Field visits are the key aspects for quality education and imparting excellence. The Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Design organized a field visit to Ansari Handloom, Zaidpur, Barabanki for the Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) 1st & 2nd Year students on 6th April, 2023.

The aim of the visit was to educate the students about the various techniques used in weaving and printing in the fashion industry. As a part of Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) curriculum, these types of field visits play a vital role in the overall development of the students by making them aware of the techniques used in weaving and printing.

The latest fashion trends have infused many styles by combining different dyeing and printing methods. Dyeing and printing have given a new edge to the fashion industry. Designers have become very experimental by mixing-and-matching colors, styles, patterns and designs. Dyeing and printing are no more restricted to clothing but is also applied to accessories and footwear.

After this field study students will be able to experience the class teaching/ activities with industry and this will help them to create stunning patterns that will complement their design and printing skills.

Thanks to the Ansari Handloom, their staff, University authorities, Head of Department and Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design for their direction, management, and support. The successful field visit was well coordinated by Fashion Designer Mr. Aaqib Ahmad.