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Integral University enlightened Workshop on Disability Laws in India

Integral Unversity Event

On December 15, 2023, Integral University's Seminar Hall hosted a heartwarming event, welcoming the staff and students of Bhartiya Badhir Vidyalaya, a beacon for the deaf community. Ms. Geetanjali Nair, with 17 years of experience in the Deaf Community, delivered a poignant speech in sign language, emphasizing the profound significance of sign language as a bridge between worlds. The emotional crescendo included bouquets presented to esteemed guests by Ms. Sheza Farrukh Baig, symbolizing the exchange of pleasantries. Ms. Geetanjali shared the remarkable achievements of her students in Astronomy Projects with NASA, challenging stereotypes and highlighting the boundless pursuit of knowledge. Integral University resonated with inclusivity, showcasing the transformative power of education rooted in compassion and understanding.