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National Seminar on Indian Knowledge System: Interdisciplinary Insights & Contemporary Discourse

Integral Unversity Event

The Department of Humanities Social Sciences extends a warm invitation to all faculty members, Academicians, Research Scholars, and students for the National Seminar On Indian Knowledge System: Interdisciplinary Insights & Contemporary Discourse [Virtual mode], July 01-03, 2024.

The National Seminar on "Indian Knowledge System: Interdisciplinary Insights and Contemporary Discourse" aims to explore the rich and diverse heritage of Indian knowledge across various fields. This seminar seeks to bridge traditional wisdom with modern academic perspectives, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars, researchers, and students. By delving into historical texts, indigenous practices, and contemporary interpretations, the seminar aspires to highlight the relevance and applicability of Indian knowledge systems in addressing contemporary challenges.

Conference Highlights-

· Insights from renowned speakers through Keynote and Invited Lectures.

· Showcase your research through a Research Paper.

· Efforts shall be made to publish selected papers, after peer review, in an ISBN-edited book.

· Opportunities for networking and collaboration.