Nukkad Natak

On 14 October, 2019, the students of Department of Chemistry (B.Sc. PCM, B.Sc. IC) successfully performed the Nukkad Natak in Techno Senior Secondary School Lucknow under the guidance of Dr. Tahmeena khan. The theme of Nukkad Natak is "Peer Pressure in Education System: How Just We Are?"

This is very serious problem because most of the students choose their carrier according to their family and friend's. Peer Pressure in education system is quite harmful as it may lead to teen depression, high stress levels and negative psychological behavior. This event was organized for the student of class VI-VIII. Teachers are also invited because they are the one who shape the student's future and they can help the students if they are facing this type of problem.

This initiative was taken by the Department of Chemistry with the aim to aware students to follow their passion and choose stream according to their interest rather by pressure which may lead to depression and other serious problems. The students got actively involved in it and showed great enthusiasm and creativity to convey their message to the audience.

In a typical street play style, they moved in a line clapping their hands before turning to the audience. Then they showed the scene of a house where a student (Abhishek) won the first prize in the music competition and want musical instrument from his father. But his father (Huzaifa) is not happy with him and doesn't support his son. Now the son (Abhishek) arises a question "kyu ni hai success ke liye musical instrument hi kaafi?" As a result under the pressure of father, son (Abhishek) leave his dream (music) and starts preparing for his entrance exams.

To draw the attention of the students we have also include several songs like "yeh kaya huya kaise huya" and "chan se jo tutte jo sapna jag suna suna laage". There was also some funny lines present in our play, when teacher find out that one of his student is hiding his mobile phone then all the students shout "yeh kaya mobile mobile mobile."

We have also include the problems faced by the students apart from studies like how they get bully. And how today's students make their studies interesting by using some latest apps, gadgets and animated videos lectures.

The students prepared the Nukkad Natak in just five days of practice with great enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork. And audience shows their interest in our play by laughing, clapping and cheering. This gesture motivated our students and our department to do other activities related to social problems und spread awareness among peoples.

The script and the dialogue was written by Ms. Shumaila Mumtaz khan. Our concept and play was very simple which will help school going students in their future. So that they can follow their own passion.