Quiz Competition

The Faculty of Law, Integral University, Lucknow organized Quizaholic 4.0 on March 18, 2023, at the Central Auditorium of the University. This event was under the umbrella of “Fiesta 2023” (17th March 2023 – 19th March 2023) organised annually in the Integral University to bring together students and faculty in many events. “Quizaholic” is an event to test the students’ knowledge, spontaneity and sharpness. It was a quiz competition consisting of 3 rounds wherein participants were tested on their general knowledge skills.

The Quizaholic is an annual event organized by the Faculty of Law, Integral University, Lucknow every year in the Annual Gala Fiesta. This year, the event marked its 4th edition. The basic idea and motive behind organizing the QUIZAHOLIC event were to provide an opportunity to evaluate the knowledge of the participants in the various aspects of LITERATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and GENERAL AWARENESS.

The observer for the event was Dr. Najmuddin Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Integral University, Lucknow and the scorers were Mr. Yusuf Afzal Khan and Mr. Malik Gufran.Ahmed (Assistant Professors, Department of Law, Integral University, Lucknow).

Students from various recognized universities and colleges in different courses came forward and participated with great zeal. The event was based on the Registration of teams and a total of 112 teams registered for the event.

Ankit Priyadarshi Mishra, a student of B.Ed. at Rameshwaram Institute of Engineering and Technology, secured First Position and was the winner of the event. The team of Maimuna Khalida Khalid and Asif Khan, students of B.Com. at Integral University, Lucknow secured the second position and was declared as the runner-up team.

The Preliminary Round was the qualifying round and only one member from each team was allowed to compete. The event consisted of three rounds- the first round was a question & answer round, the second round was an audio-visual round and the third round was a rapid-fire round. The team which scored the highest in three rounds was declared the winner and was given a Winner Trophy & Certificate of Excellence. The team which got the second Position was given a Runner-Up Trophy & Certificate of Excellence. Apart from this, every participant received a Certificate of Participation.