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Research Interaction on Drug Development & Regulatory Guidelines

Cancer Research is an ever evolving research field and new developments with respect to molecular targets, new chemical entities as well as repurposing of existing drugs has generated a great deal of excitement for those working in cancer research. The National Institute of Health, USA and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in particular are performing a pioneering role in improving therapeutic outcomes in this challenging field.
The interaction, of faculty members and research scholars, with Dr. Apurva Srivastava is an expert in the field of cancer research, and Senior Principal Scientist at Leidos Biomedical Research Frederick, Maryland, USA.
Prior to the interaction, Dr. Snober Mir spoke briefly about the functions of IIRC followed by a welcome address by Prof. Wahajul Haq who apprised the audience about scientific competence and achievements of Dr. Srivastava also informed him of the work done on cancer research at Integral University.
Dr. Apurva Srivastava expressed his delight to be interacting with researchers working in the area of cancer biology. He apprised the audience that his main area of research comprises discovery of new targets for cancer therapy and pharmacodynamic studies on clinical candidates for human trial in a variety of cancer types. He emphasized the importance of preclinical studies for the new Drug discovery process and role of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies for regulatory process. His deliberation was followed by the scientific interactions with faculty members from departments of Biosciences, Bioengineering, Chemistry and Pharmacy.
The interaction
Contribution of NCI for providing support to researchers for developmental activities.
A suggestion was made on the possibility of submission of plant extracts for biological studies at NCI but more discussions are required. Dr. Apurva informed that a library of plant extracts from marine flora is available with NCI for reference purposes. There is a possibility to submit the library of extracts of cyanobacterial cultures and other rare plants as well.
Dr. Srivastava acknowledged the limited financial resources that funding bodies have and encouraged researchers to utilize the resources at The National Cancer Institute's Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) Program which is intended to accelerate the transition of cancer treatments from the lab to the clinic.
The group of Dr. Apurva and NCI is working on identification of new targets for cancer therapy. Dr. Apurva mentioned a few targets like P97 etc. and suggested to follow publications from NCI to know about the new targets for cancer therapy. Dr. Apurva answered the scientific queries of Prof. Iffat, Dr. Nasibullah, Dr. Shazia, Dr. Anuradha, Dr. Shailendra and others . The discussion was very fruitful and there exists possibilities of future interactions.
Felicitation and Vote of thank
The session closed with the Dean, Doctoral Studies, Prof T. Usmani presenting a memento to the guest speaker and a vote of thanks by Prof. Syed Misbahul Hasan, Director, IIRC.