Integral Unversity Event

Under the twilight sky of November 5th, 2023, the Convocation Lawn of Integral University transformed into a poetic wonderland, welcoming all with open arms to the much-awaited extravaganza, "Sham e-Integral." As the sun gracefully dipped at 4 pm, it paved the way for an evening of poetic magic, where creativity and rhythm converged in a delightful dance. Immersed in the charm of expressive artistry, the event unfolded like a celestial gala, featuring a stellar lineup of poets, each a luminary illuminating the poetic cosmos. The audience embarked on a journey through a kaleidoscope of poetic styles, themes, and emotions, breaking language barriers and resonating with the diverse spirit of Integral University.
Picture this poetic galaxy – Wasim Barelvi a wizard of words enchanting the gathering; Dr. Hari Om, an IAS officer whose pen waltzed between bureaucracy and poignancy; Manzar Bhopali, a maestro orchestrating emotion; and Nawaz Deobandi, a linguistic virtuoso leaving verses as his legacy. The constellation expanded with the brilliance of Abrar Ahmad Kashif, the grace of Fauziya Rabab, the wisdom of Qamar Suroor, the rhythm of Sajjad Jhanjat, the melody of Fakhir Adeeb, the soulful notes of Kavish Rudolvi, the heartfelt expressions of Farhat Ehsaas, the whimsical verses of Waqar Faraazi, the eloquence of Azhar Iqbal, the poetic charm of Naghma Noor, and the profound musings of Hamid Bhusalvi.
As the verses resonated through the audience, weaving tales of love, introspection, and societal reflection, the atmosphere buzzed with intellectual fervor. The poets, like maestros conducting a symphony, held the audience captive with their words, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the students and teachers who bore witness to this literary spectacle. In the spirit of this celebration, let's savor a few shayaris that graced the event, encapsulating the essence of Sham-e-Integral:
Wasim Barelvi: "Dil ko behlaye kya karun, tera gham hai, tere bina jeeye kya karun, tera gham hai."
Manzar Bhopali: "Har ik jazbat ko bayaan kaise karun, koi toh shabdon mein utaar aaye, tu humsafar hai toh phir, raaste kyun bayaan kaise karun."
Fauziya Rabab: "Mohabbat ka safar hai, raahein bhi hai, manzilein bhi hai, dil se dil juda na ho, yeh ek aas hai, yeh ek iraadein bhi hai."
"Sham-e-Integral" was not merely an event; it was a celebration of the profound impact of poetry, a reminder of its ability to transcend boundaries and unite hearts. In the quiet corners of Integral University, the echoes of those poetic voices lingered, igniting a newfound passion for the written word among students and educators alike.
As the stars adorned the night sky, "Sham-e-Integral" became a constellation in the annals of Integral University's cultural legacy, a testament to the enduring power of poetry to inspire, provoke, and connect.