Social Services & Extension Activities

Social Pharmacy Field Visit

A Primary Health Care Centre is a healthcare facility that serves as the first point of contact for individuals seeking medical care. It provides essential and comprehensive health services, including preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic care, with a focus on promoting community health and well-being. On 17-02-2023, A total 60 First-year D.Pharm students along with coordinators from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Integral University embarked on a field visit to the Primary Health Care Centre in Sansarpur, Kursi Road, Lucknow, UP. The visit aimed to provide students with practical exposure to primary healthcare practices and the role of pharmacists in community health.

Accompanied by faculty members Dr. Mohd Muazzam Khan, Dr. Javvad Hasan, Ms. Arzoo and Ms. Bushra Parveen, the students had the opportunity to observe and engage with healthcare professionals in a primary care setting. This visit served as a platform for students to understand the importance of collaborative healthcare and the role of pharmacists within the healthcare system.

During the visit, students were introduced to the various departments and services offered at the Primary Health Care Centre. They observed the triage process, where patients' vital signs and initial assessments were conducted. Students learned about the importance of accurate patient data collection and the role it plays in diagnosis and treatment.

The students also observed consultations between healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. They witnessed the collaborative approach to patient care, where healthcare professionals worked together to ensure holistic and comprehensive treatment. This experience provided the students with insights into the significance of interdisciplinary teamwork and the vital role pharmacists play in medication management.

The visit also emphasized the importance of patient counseling and medication adherence. Students learned about the process of medication dispensing, labeling, and patient education. They were introduced to the principles of rational drug use and the role of pharmacists in promoting safe and effective medication practices. This exposure enhanced their understanding of the pharmacist's role in optimizing patient outcomes and ensuring medication safety.

Furthermore, students had the opportunity to interact with patients and understand their healthcare needs. They observed the challenges faced by patients in accessing healthcare services and the importance of patient-centered care. This experience sensitized the students to the socio-economic factors that influence healthcare accessibility and highlighted the need for healthcare professionals to consider the individual needs and circumstances of each patient.

The field visit also focused on the importance of health education and awareness in community health. Students were introduced to health promotion initiatives carried out at the Primary Health Care Centre. They learned about the role of pharmacists in conducting health education sessions, organizing awareness campaigns, and promoting preventive healthcare practices. This exposure reinforced the students' understanding of the pharmacist's role as a healthcare advocate and educator in the community.

The field visit to the Primary Health Care Centre allowed the first-year D.Pharm students to gain practical insights into primary healthcare practices and the role of pharmacists in community health. The visit highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, patient-centered care, and health education in achieving optimal healthcare outcomes. The knowledge and experiences gained during this visit will undoubtedly contribute to the students' professional growth and future roles as pharmacists.

This field visit was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Syed Misbahul Hasan, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Tarique Mahmood, Head, Department of Pharmacy, and Dr. Farogh Ahsan, Program Coordinator, D.Pharm. Their efforts to provide practical learning opportunities for the students play a crucial role in shaping their professional development and preparing them for their future careers in pharmacy.