Social Services & Extension Activities

Special Camp

Social service group of Integral Institute of Agricultural Science and technology, Integral University, Lucknow organized a special camp in Nayapurwa-Achramau village Tehsil of Bakshi Ka Talab Lucknow district, Uttar Pradesh, on 19/02/20 this special camp was organized with the help of Dr Sunil Kumar and Er Ashfaq of Department of Agriculture. Education is the base of gradual evolution it is the gateway for a dream world that is waiting for each and every person who is dreaming for it.

Education helps in giving a bright and glorious future to every child Education simply refers to the process of facilitating learning & way of teaching. Every country's development is hased on the education. If we can contribute to extend education to every village and every child, then definitely our country will be the most developed country. Our social activity is to make education accessible to the children who cannot afford quality education.

We help students throughout their entire educational journey. We believe that everyone has the right to an affordable, quality education. The students explained the necessity for cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene for a disease-free society with emphasis on measures to prevent dengue and malarial attacks to the public People from different age groups also contributed to the campaign by actively working along with the students. The aim of our organization is to provide poor children with practical learning, opportunities to expand/enhance their knowledge, thus enabling their access to vital procurement and finance opportunities.

We provide education or arrange programs for those students who can't afford fees, books, tuition etc. We will help in their learning's so that they can learn best and easily execute them for a better cause. The main project for this camp was based on, to make the village free from Disease and to let them known about the importance of sanitation and it also emphasis on the importance of education in this series our group distribute an educational kit to rural child to motivate them. The Volunteers of the social service unit performed many other activities awareness programme as literacy, tree plantation, health and hygiene etc.