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Survey Work on the Topic Awareness And Influence Of Mobile Technology

There was a survey work on the topic AWARENESS AND INFLUENCE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY “organized by the students of BBA Third Year\Fifth Semester Group A & B in the Dasauli Village, Kursi road, Lucknow on August 9,2018 at 10 Am.The Survey work was conducted in the presence of Dr Gaurav Bisaria, Faculty of Commerce and Management. The whole program was under the supervision of Prof A.K Sexena,Dean Faculty of Commerce and Management & Head Department Of Commerce And Management Integral University Lucknow .The survey work on the topic” AWARENESS AND INFLUENCE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY”was organized as a part of the Syllabus which covered the topic of steps of Marketing Research(Unit-1) of the subject Marketing Research in the course of Fifth Semester Group A & B. The Survey Work on the topic "Awareness & Influence of Mobile Technology" was conducted in the village of Dasauli. Kursi Road. Lucknow. The students contacted Prathimik Vidalaya. Retail stores and Village people. They constructed questionnaire and asked questions from the above respondents related with the awareness & influence of mobile. They educated them to get the better usage of the mobile. They also educated them to use the mobile technology in education of their children, enhancing their own life style and in farming sector. The students got awareness related with the term research and they also came to know the way to use the data of research. The whole activity was very inspiring and enriching.