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Training Program on "Prakritik kheti: Unnat khetiā€¯

As the FAO reports, if women farmers gain access to the same resources as their male counterparts, the entire world will eat. Empowering and mainstreaming rural women workforce in Agriculture can bring paradigm shift toward economic growth. It will enhance food and nutrition security and alleviate poverty and hunger. Thus in view of the upcoming International Women’s Day and in order to promote and ensure their contribution to Indian society, the Department of Agriculture, Integral Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology (IIAST), Integral University Lucknow organized a day Training Program on 03 March 2023to sensitize the women farmers of the Bhagatpurwa Village regarding Natural Farming under the concept “ Prakritik kheti: Unnat kheti”. Important information was imparted on the Preparation of Jeevamrit, Beejamrit and other important aspects related to natural farming and sustainable Agriculture.

The Programme was observed under the guidance of Dr. Saba Siddiqui, Head, Department of Agriculture, Integral Institute of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology (IIAST). The faculty coordinator Dr. Shipra Yadv along with supporting staff Mr. Dheer Pratap Singh, Mr. Syed Faisal Kirmani, Mr. Suraj Awasthi and Mr. Abhijeet accompanied the students of B.Sc (Hons.)Agriculture to Bhagatpurwa Village, where the Training program was organized. All the female faculty members of the department, Dr. Faria Fatima, Dr. Mala Kumari, Dr. Srishti Thakur, Dr. Setu Ratnam, Dr. Akanksha Singh, Dr. Garima Singh, Dr. Ruqaiya Bano and Dr. Pallavi Srivastava participated in the program with full enthusiasm and gave their valuable contribution for the success of the program. The procedure of preparation was explained by Dr. Shipra Yadav and Dr. Garima Singh and demonstrated by the students of B.Sc. (Hons.)Agriculture third year. The Women farmers of village Bhagatpurwa and nearby villages attended the Training Program with great zeal and interest. Their queries were addressed by Dr. Shipra Yadav and their attentiveness regarding the Preparation of Jeevamrit and Beejamrit was commendable.

The Training Programme was concluded with positive gratification and a vote of thanks by Dr. Saba Siddiqui, Head, Department of Agriculture and she appreciated the efforts put forth by the faculties, students and primarily the women farmers. Later feedback was taken from the women farmers for assessing their level of understanding and satisfaction about the Natural Farming concept, which revealed that the majority of the women attending the Programme were highly satisfied with the way the Training Program was conducted and the quality of the content was delivered.