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Value Added Course "History of Physics"

The Department of Physics, Integral University, Lucknow, organized an online Value-Added Course (VAC) on “HISTORY OF PHYSICS” for the students of Integral University, Lucknow. The 5-week online value-added course with 30-hours of active engagement was organized from July 26, 2021, to Aug 30, 2021, on Integral University LMS (ILI) and google classroom.
The History of Physics is a record of civilization’s past achievements, new knowledge, and still unanswered questions. Such a record is worth knowing. This course provided students with insight into how ideas develop and change over time. They learned about the scientific methods and the philosophy of physics in a historical and cultural context. The course aimed to make learners aware of the scientific revolution by early enlightened physicists and to inspire them to pursue careers in Physics. Through this course, learners understood the evolution of the universe through the various theories of Physics.
The Value-Added Course was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Seema Srivastava, Head of the Department and it was coordinated by Dr. Haroon and Dr. Anuradha Shukla. The other faculty members Dr. Syed Salman Ahmad Warsi, Dr. Afroj Ahmed Khan, and Ms. Tahira Khatoon also contributed to the course.
The course was designed for UG and PG Students for all streams of education.
Highlights of the Value-Added Course on History of Physics:
  • Platform: ILI Integral University LMS and google classroom.
  • 179 students from Integral University, Lucknow registered for the VAC.
  • 70 students have successfully completed VAC (E-Certificate Issued).
  • Five-week online course with five modules, each module consisted of Self-learning materials, collaborative learning through exercises and discussion, assessment through quizzes and feedback.
  • Learning support by Resource person and Facilitators.