Value Added Course on "IOT (Home Automation using Cisco Packet Tracer)"

Department of Electrical Engineering, Integral University Lucknow organized a 6 weeks online value-added course on IOT (Home Automation using Cisco Packet Tracer) from 17th May to 27 th June 2021. The course was designed for UG and PG Students for all streams of education. A number of students from various branches registered in the course. The course was successfully conducted by Dr. Monauwer Alam, Head, Department of Electrical Engineering with able support from Dr. Asif Jamil Ansari, from Department of Electrical Engineering and Mr. Qazi Saeed Ahmad from the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. There was a daily one hour interactive training session through ILI, Google meet and CISCO Netacad with Quiz and assignments on the weekend. The students attended the training with dedication. The distribution of e-Certificate was based on student’s attendance (75%), submitted assignments, performance in the quizzes and attainment of at least overall 35% marks.
Key highlights of the training
  • It was an online interactive training under the skill development programs of Department
  • Total 152 students from various branches registered in the course.
  • All the students underwent training by accessing Open Source Cisco Packet Tracer
Simulator by registering on Cisco Networking Academy, San Jose, California.
  • Zero fees for the entire period of the training.
  • 48 students successfully completed the course and received an e-Certificate.
Training Accorded:
  • Download and Installation of CISCO PACKET Tracer.
  • Connection/Links on Packet Tracer.
  • Networking Devices: Repeater, Hubs, Switches and Routers , Practical demonstration of networking devices.
  • Hexadecimal Calculation, IP address , IPv4 address format and address Classes.
  • Verify IP parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux.)
  • Network Configuration of Host(PC, Laptop) and Server.
  • Configure and verify IPv4 addressing and subnetting.
  • Switch Initial configuration, Router Initial configuration.
  • Power on the devices (Routers), Configure host names, configures IP addresses.
  • Configuration upto 4 Routers.
  • Use of PING command on command prompt to diagnose the networks.
  • IOT, Smart Things(Actuators, sensors, smart home gateway) Components.
  • Create a GNS3 network and integrate NPM Network Management Fundamentals.
  • Interacting with smart things Smart Home: Configuration of FAN and Window in Smart home.