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Value-Added Course (VAC) on “Spreadsheet Applications Beginner to Advanced”

Integral Unversity Event

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Integral University organized an online Value-Added Course (VAC) on “Spreadsheet Applications Beginner to Advanced” for the students of Integral University, Lucknow. The 5-week online value-added course with 120-hours of active engagement (60-hours face-to-face equivalent) was organized from March 04, 2023, to April 08, 2023 (extended up to May 20, 2023) on integral university LMS (ILI). VAC course on ILI LMS has facilitated anywhere, anytime, in the pocket learning.

As spreadsheets are the most useful tool for professionals, to organize, analyse and represent data and supports handling of both equations & tables of data for data analysis and preparing reports, the objective of this Value-Added Course was to enhances learner’s ability of data analysis, presentation and interpretation, which can be used in research, industry, project, presentation, etc.

A free iLi LMS platform has been accessed from anywhere, anytime with unlimited users, and the number of plug-ins that allows customization as per requirement.

Prof. T. Usmani, Dean Engineering, Prof. N. R. Kidwai, Dy. Director, IQAC, and Prof. S. H. Saeed, HoD, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Integral University have enlightened through their able guidance to make this event successful.

Dr. Shailendra Kumar, DQAC Chair & Mr. Mohd Javed Khan, Member DQAC, Department of ECE, Integral University, have successfully organized this course and worked as Resource Person and Organizing Secretary.

Highlights of VAC

Platform: iLi Integral University LMS. URL:

  • 44 students of Integral University from various departments got registered through Google Form.
  • 32 students from various departments of Integral university, Lucknow have participated in this event, out of which 17 students have successfully completed.
  • Course Fees: Nil
  • Major Activities in VAC course: Quizzes, Assignments, Focused Discussion Forum and Feedback.
  • E-certificate has been issued to 17 students (though auto generation mode) for completing Quizzes, Assignments, Focused Discussion Forum and Feedback activities successfully.
  • Student’s queries have been resolved from time to time using iLi and Whatsapp platform throughout this course.