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Visit to Coca Cola

Integral Unversity Event

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS), Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, Lucknow, India organized a visit to Coca Cola, Umrah, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India on 4th of April 2023 from 01:30 pm to 04:00 pm for the first year students of Diploma in Pharmacy, SPS.

The visit was planned to inculcate students with the industrial environment and its work flow. Visit to industry satisfies the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 i.e. Quality Education and SDG 9 i.e. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. This Visit also complements International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Goal number 02 i.e. Early Career Training Strategy and FIP Goal No. 09 i.e. continuing Professional Development Strategies.

On 4th of April 2023 first year students of Diploma in Pharmacy were taken to Coca Cola, Umrah, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India as an active learning process mentioned in the D.Pharm curriculum recommended by Pharmacy Council of India- Education Regulation 2020. Students prepared themselves thoroughly before visiting the industry. A total of 46 students from the first year visited the industry. Students were given a tour of the entire manufacturing area, packaging & labeling area and massive warehouse. The representatives from staff were well cooperative with the students in demonstrating the process of manufacturing of beverages and technologies used in the same. They also patiently and satisfactorily answered the curiosity driven questions of the students.

The visit concluded with a memorable group photograph and soft drinks as gift samples to students. The visit was well coordinated by Ms. Widhilika Singh (Lecturer, SPS), Mr. Asad Ahmad (Lecturer, SPS) and Ms. Mahvish (Lab Incharge, SPS).