Social Services & Extension Activities

Visit to Old Age Home

Social work is not only about providing a solution to one's problems, but it provides an arena in which clients can share their views on managing problems. Extension is an important activity which contributes to the enhancement of the status and public recognition of a profession and welfare of the society at large. Keeping this view in mind a group of teachers and students of Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Integral University went for a visit to Aastha health Resort, an old age home located at Gudamba Marg, Churaman Purwa Marg. near Kukrail Picnic Spot, Rasoolpur Sadat Uttar Pradesh 226028 on 17 March 2021


1. To understand the underlying causes of generation gap.

2. To find the ways of coping up with the communication gap in parents and children these days. The organization accommodates nearly forty old men and women, generally aged between fifty to ninety years. Five teachers and sixteen students were permitted to visit the place keeping in view the health of old age persons. The visit was held on March 17, 2021 from 13:30 to 16:00 hours. The enthusiastic and determined candidates reached their spot in half an hour.