Webinar on "Yoga Dwara Maansik Swasthya Prabandhan"

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow (U.P, India) organized a webinar on "Yoga Dwara Maansik Swasthya Prabandhan" on June 24, 2020 on the occasion of International Day of Yoga 2020.

Around 250 participants from different backgrounds participated in the 60 minutes webinar.

Dr. M. Akheela Khanum, Head, Department of CSE, Integral University, discussed the basic health benefits of Yoga. She also emphasized on how yoga helps a person in stress management.

Deepali Srivastava, Clinical Psychologist, Mind Lab Centre, Lucknow, discussed various Yoga Asana for stress management. She also discussed the various mental issues which need to be addressed and a person should feel free to seek any help from a psychologist as and when required because a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body.

This webinar offered a unique opportunity to explore the true benefits of yoga during the lockdown period.