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Workshop on “Advanced Robotics with Robot Operating System”

Integral Unversity Event

A three-day (24+hours) workshop on “Advanced Robotics with Robot Operating System” was organized by the Integral Robotics Lab and the Centre for Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development in collaboration with Soft-flew Technologies on 29th April 2023 to 1st May 2023 to impart in-depth understanding of Robot Operating System (ROS) and its advanced concepts.

The participants learned about the significance of robotics, introduction to the Arduino board, two-wheel differential drive, odometry, wheel encoders, design and control of robotic systems, how to analyse, evaluate, and validate robotic systems in complex environments, through the interactive session taken by the expert. Participants also extended the concept to implementing the algorithms on hardware, through our state-of-the-art Integral Robotics Lab. The program was a success and provided students with the necessary knowledge and skills to design to develop innovative and intelligent products.

Students attended the hands-on workshop in groups of 5. Each group was given a hardware kit consisting of a microcontroller, differential drive robot, and sensors, that they could take away for future research.

The workshop was organized under the guidance of Mr. Syed Adnan Akhtar, Executive Director, Directorate of International Affairs and Centre for Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development, and it was attended by 30 students from Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME). As part of the workshop, a questionnaire was conducted to assess the participants' learning outcomes. Based on their performance in the test, the following students were awarded prizes:

1. Sifat Fatima (Dept. of CSE)

2. Daud Ahmad (Dept. of CSE)

3. Samiya Farooquee (Dept. of CSE)

The workshop ended with the concluding remarks emphasizing that the participants should relate scientific knowledge to robotic systems, by critically considering their interaction with societal aspects. The participants expressed a desire for another robotics workshop with hands-on training, and industry-oriented topics, which was well received by the team of the Integral Robotics Lab. The faculty coordinators were Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad (Dept. of CSE), Dr. Mohammad Atif Siddiqui (Dept. of EE), Dr. Sumita Chaturvedi (Dept. of ME), Mr. Mohammad Zaid (Research Assistant) and student coordinators Samiya Farooque, Shafat Insha and Mohd Farhan Haroon (Dept. of CSE). They played an active role in making the workshop a great success with impactful outcomes for the students.