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World Physiotherapy Week

Integral Unversity Event

The Department of Physiotherapy is going to organize a webinar in the month of September 2020, on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Week. In this regard a meeting was held on 25th August 2020 in the HoD office at 11:30AM.

The following members are attended the meeting:

1. Dr. Ashfaque Khan - Chairperson

2. Dr. Abdur Raheem Khan

3. Dr. A.M.H.Inam

4. Dr. Mohd. Javed lqbal

5. Dr. Neeraj Maurya

6. Dr. Ammar Faisal

7. Dr. Namrata Suri

8. Dr. Shaikh Shohaim Mohd

9. Dr. Sadiya Begum

Following aspects were discussed and planned regarding participating in the Webinar 2020:

1. The Webinar date is proposed on 10th September, 2020 at 11:30AM to 12:30PM on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Week by the Head, Physiotherapy

2. The Resource person proposed for the webinar is Dr. Himanshu Mathur (PT), Asst. Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Jaipur National University,Chief Physiotherapist & Director, Jaipur Rehab.

3. The nomination was given by Dr. Ashfaque Khan.

4. The topic of presentation confirmation from speaker & faculty members was "UNVEILING LOW BACK PAIN-DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS, MANUAL THERAPY WITH DISCUSSION OF EVIDENCES".

5. Dr. Neeraj Maurya, Dr. Ammar Faisal Khan, Dr. Shaikh Shohaim - Online contact for any query

6. Dr. Sadiya Begum - Online welcome speech.

7. Dr. Mohd. Javed lqbal and Dr. A. M. H. Inam – Moderator

8. The team of faculty members will be formed and allotted different tasks with respect to the Webinar

9. Dr. Ashfaque Khan - Vote of thanks

He explained the importance of assessment for better diagnosis in Low Back Pain. He also focused on the proper positioning and correct alignment of the body. He elaborated die differential diagnosis and manual therapy techniques used in the conditions related to low back pain.

This webinar was conducted at the YouTube Channel of Integral University.

(Link: littps://voutu.be/Lh2ZFadegP4) which is still available. The total people registered were 150 approx.

The students from Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), Interns and Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) and many others attended the webinar. Dr. Ashfaque Khan (PT), HoD department of physiotherapy expressed his gratitude to the speaker.