Special Days & Awareness Programmes

World Water Day

Integral Unversity Event

An awareness program at the Dasauli Village was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering on 23rd March 2021. The faculty coordinators for the program were Dr. Sabih Ahmad and Mr. Nusrat Ali. The students of B.Tech Civil Engineering actively participated in the event. The students coordinators were Vineet Gautam and Athar Ali Azad of B.Tech 4th year and 3rd year respectively

A camp was arranged at Saraswati Mandir, the central place of the village Dasauli. Free water quality check was carried out at the camp by Mr. Mehtab Ahmad, Senior Lab Instructor, Department of Civil Engineering. The tests performed on potable water brought by villagers were Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH value and Turbidity. The average values are TDS: 160mg/l, pH: 6.8, Turbidity: 0 NTU which were satisfactory and within permissible limits set by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). The villagers are using underground water for all household purposes. The students also visited various houses in the village to create awareness about importance & conservation of water.