National Article Writing Competition

Legal Aid Society, Faculty of Law, Integral University is going to organize a National Article Writing Competition on theme “Dropping of Criminal Proceedings: A case for Economic Fugitives”.

The main objective of article writing competition to evaluate and to check the knowledge of candidate about specific topic and the way they describe the same in writing. The very aim of this event is to develop tremendous skill in research and writing and the very style of presenting the same.
The competition carries several highlights allude below:

Suggestive topic:

  • Dropping of Criminal Charges and Violation of Constitutional Rights.
  • Negotiation: A Plea Agreements.
  • Accomplice and Dropping of Criminal Charges.
  • Cooperating in a Bigger Case.
  • Remedy: Mistake of Fact against Criminal Proceedings
  • Historical Perspectives of ADR in India
  • Ad hoc Arbitration v Institution Arbitration - A critical analysis
  • Alternatives to Imprisonment The participants can chose any topic on their very discretion, aside of the (suggestive) topic provided; the theme of Article Writing shall be the same.

Registration Fee: 50 Rupees per Team.
Rewards: The top three winner will get the Certificate and their Article will be published in Legal Aid
Society Webpage https://legalaidintegral.wordpress.com/
Last date of Submission: 4 April, 2022
Last date of Registration: 14April 2022
Please find the link of Google form for Registration along with the guideline document attached below.
For registration fee: UPI ID: 9580380410@ybl, PhonePe, Gpay, Paytm: 9580380410 (Umar Saif)
Legal Aid Society Official Site:

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