National Pharmacovigilance week

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Integral University, in its quest to impart quality healthcare and contribute to patient safety shall observe the “National Pharmacovigilance Week” from September 17th-23rd to make the public and healthcare professionals aware about the importance of adverse drug reaction reporting. The theme for the event this year shall be "Pharmacovigilance: A Step towards Patient Safety".

In this context, various events shall be organised by the faculty as under:

1. Drug Safety Awareness Programme

Date: 17th September 2021 and 18th Sptember 2021

Venue: Sansarpur & Behta Event Coordinators:

Name Email Id Mobile Number
Dr. Mohd. Afroz Ahmad mafroz@iul.ac.in 8368450301
Mr. Mohd. Ajmal majmal@iul.ac.in 9891216062
Mr. SohelAkhter msakhter@iul.ac.in 9696321081

2. Animation / Video Competition (Online)

Date: 20th September 2021 Event Coordinators:

Name Email Id Mobile Number
Dr. Vaseem Ahmad Ansari vaseem@iul.ac.in 7007411091
Dr. Kuldeep Singh kuldeep@iul.ac.in 9453604762
Dr. Arun Kumar arun@iul,ac.in 9415463732

3. E – Poster Competition (Online)

Date: 21th September 2021 Event Coordinators:

Name Email Id Mobile Number
Dr. Anuradha Mishra anuradha@iul.ac.in 7376550091
Dr. Shazia Afzal Usmani shazia@iul.ac.in 9839172055
Dr. Abdul Hafeez abdulhafeez@iul.ac.in 9868707676

Topics for the events shall be

  • Importance of Pharmacovigilance in Indian population
  • Medication Error: Detection and Prevention

Several programs related to the event have also been for the students including training for awareness and types of adverse reactions and ways to manage them.

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