Welcoming New Beginnings: Orientation Program at Integral University Lucknow


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Welcome to Integral Orientation!!!

DATE    : 16th - 18th July 2018
VENUE : Integral University, Lucknow.

Congratulations on your admission into one of the best Universities, an innovative research institution in the country! The Campus cordially welcomes our newest scholars and family members, into Integral University Lucknow.

In essence, we believe that the key to being successful at Integral begins with Orientation and quality academic counseling. We look forward to helping students and their families embark on this new journey. Orientation is once-in-a-lifetime experience where you will chart your academic course, meet new people, discover mentors and caring advisors, begin to explore your true passions, and of course, lead the best time of your life. It’s just the beginning of developing into a charming Integralite and we are thrilled to welcome you in the summer of 2018.

Orientation is a critical academic program that should not be missed! Every new student is expected to participate in the Orientation program. Orientation is your opportunity to learn how to navigate campus and academic resources. During Orientation you will interact with students, staff and faculty from diverse backgrounds who will share with you strategies for academic, personal and global success. The administration prepares for a 3 day, interactive Fun session with the budding Integralites. We are excited to help you create a home away from home, relaxing the parents with the safety and educational accomplishment of their child.

The program includes a general briefing covering academic procedures and Student Services. An important part of orientation is the campus tour to familiarize students with the infrastructure and facilities.

The New Student Orientation Program is designed to:

  • Familiarize students with the standards of the University and principles of our academic Institution.
  • Help students navigate the Integral campus and identify the many resources available.
  • Present tips and key information that will make students' first days at Integral , and their transition to the University life go smoothly.
  • Introduce students to advisors and important resources critical to their personal and academic success at Integral.
  • Provide the opportunity to meet other students, new as well as continuing, many of whom will become part of a network of support while at Integral.
  • Acquaint students with the traditions of IU within the context of University’s history.
  • Help new students with a portrait of the incoming class in all its diversity and richness as new students are welcomed into the vibrant IU community.

It’s just the beginning of developing into a charming Integralite and we are thrilled to welcome you in the summer of 2018!!!

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