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Two-Weeks blended QIP workshop on “Spreadsheet Applications in Academics and Administration: Intermediate level"

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in association with Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Integral University, Lucknow conducting Two-Weeks blended QIP workshop on “Spreadsheet Applications in Academics and Administration: Intermediate level from 25th June 2021 to 15th July 2021."


There are numbers of spreadsheet programs but from all of them Excel is most widely used. Spreadsheet is a very useful tool to collect, record, sort, represent and analyze data. It helps in academic decision making, modifying pedagogical decisions and improvement of academic support services. After learning the spreadsheet skills, teachers can find ways to use spreadsheets as a valuable resource as they promote more open-ended investigations, problem-oriented activities, active learning pedagogies, analyzing & representing data. Topics covered in workshop are:
Module I: Introduction Range: AutoFill, Comments, Hide Columns and Rows, AutoFit, Transpose, Move Columns Basics: Ribbon, Workbook, Worksheets, Format Cells, Find & Select, Data Validation, Keyboard, Shortcuts, and Print, Protect.
Module II: Formulas and Functions: Arithmetic functions, Paste Options, Statistical Functions, Logical Functions.
Module III: Cell References, Date/Time, Lookup/Reference.
Module IV: Financial, Statistical, Round, Formula Errors, Array Formulas, Sort, Filter, Conditional Formatting.
Module V: Charts, Pivot Tables, Tables, Create a Macro.

Two-Week Workshop shall be conducted in blended mode;

  • Face to Face session (one week equivalent)-5 days using video conferencing, in conformance to COVID protocol.
  • 80+hours’ online active engagement (one week equivalent); content based learning, assignments and quizzes.

OUTCOME : After successful completion of this workshop, participants (faculty & staff) can use spreadsheets as a valuable resource for data analysis, pedagogical and administrative decisions.
CERTIFICATION : Completion Certificate (Soft copy) will be provided after completion of workshop activities, with qualifying criterions.
ELIGIBILITY : All faculties, teaching supporting and administrative staff are eligible to join the workshop.
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