Code of Conduct | Integral University Lucknow - Student Guidelines & Policies

Proctor's Corner


  • Students must maintain high standards of decorum in their attitude and behavior. They should carry their ID cards while they are in university premises. They are also expected to pay respect to their elders and teachers which is line with our culture.
  • Students must not indulge in any type of quarrelling or fighting or any other indecent verbal or physical activity. Severe disciplinary action will be taken in all such cases which may lead to suspension or even rustication of the concerned student from the University.
  • Ragging is against the norms of civilized society and has been declared Criminal Offence by apex Court of India. Ragging is banned by the University and will attract Severe Exemplary Punishment.
  • Any type of indecent/disruptive behavior under the pretext of any festival/celebration is not permitted and will result into disciplinary action.
  • Possession of firearms, life threatening weapons and involvement in group/ gang fighting will lead to the rustication of the student.
  • Students are allowed to wear only formal & decent dress.
  • Outsider friends of any student are not allowed in university premises without the permission of the authority concerned.
  • If any student is found involved in activities resulting in direct or indirect loss/ damage to the University, the same shall be borne by the student. He/ she will be asked to compensate the University for the same.