Residential Facilities at Integral University Lucknow | Hostel Accommodation & Student Housing

Hostel (Residential Facilities)


Hostels for boys and girls with the capacity exceeding 2500 occupants, exist in the campus. Separate hostels for boys and girls are spread over 8 blocks.

Food / Mess

Clean and Hygienic Mess facility is provided in each hall,from breakfast to dinner


Security deployed at every gate of the hostels keeps a close watch on each person's movements. CCTV monitoring of the campus is done round the clock.

Ragging-free environment

To provide ragging-free environment in the hostels, wardens are very vigilant so that the students refrain from ragging or any other kind of indiscipline. Anti-ragging cell and discipline committee helps create a hostel environment that places emphasis on learning and personal growth. Hostels have a zero tolerance policy on ragging, in line with the judgement of the Supreme Court of India, UGC guidelines,State Government and University policy.

Campus Wide Networking

All the academic departments, hostels, library and other central facilities are interconnected through access points to campus wide wireless network. The power of Internet and its capabilities to support the academic research and studies as well as sharing knowledge is well known. For the same purpose, the University provides internet access through a 2 Gbps shared internet connection. The campus network provides services and facilities such as electronic mail, internet and teaching software, office automation software, software utilities, online attendance, video conferencing and printing facilities.


The following facilities are provided in the hostels :
  • Common Room equipped with indoor game facilities.
  • Playground and courts for outdoor games like Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Skating, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, etc.
  • Gymnasium
  • 24 Hrs. wi-fi
  • Water Purifier
  • Parking
  • Guest Rooms
  • Reading Room

Contact Detail

S.No. Name Designation Contact No. Email
1. Prof. (Dr.) Syed Misbahul Hasan Provost 9765629789
2. Dr. Saba Siddiqui Dy. Provost 9450303285
3. Dr. Mohammad Faisal Chief Warden 9984171083
4. Dr. Salman Khan Dy. Chief Warden 9838687331
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