Achieving Academic Excellence: CoPO Mapping at Integral University Lucknow

Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research


(Programme Educational OBJECTIVE)

The Indian Medical graduate on completion of MBBS program should be

  • PEO1: Competent HealthCare provider: Competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the individual and the community
  • PEO2: Competent to practice Preventive, Promotive Curative, rehabilitative Medicine to in respect to the commonly encountered health problems.
  • PEO3: Therapeutic Modalities: Able to appreciate rationale for different therapeutic modalities, be familiar with the administration of the "essential drugs" and their common side effects.
  • PEO4: Professional: Be able to appreciate the socio-psychological, cultural, economic and environmental factors affecting health and develop humane attitude towards the patients in discharging one's professional responsibilities.


(Programme Outcomes)

  • PO1: LIFELONG LEARNER: Possess the attitude for continued self learning and to seek further expertise or to pursue research in any chosen area of medicine, action research and documentation skills
  • PO2: CLINICIAN: Clinician who understands and provides preventive, promotive, curative, palliative and holistic care with compassion
  • PO3: LEADER: Leader and member of the health care team and system with capabilities to collect, analyze, synthesize and communicate health data appropriately
  • PO4: COMMUNICATOR: Communicator with patients, families, colleagues and community.
  • PO5: PROFESSIONAL: Professional, who is committed to excellence, is ethical, responsive and accountable to patients, community and profession.


(Programme Specific Outcomes)

  • PSO1: National & Social Obligations: Be competent to recognise National Goal of “health for all” and by undergoing training for medical profession fulfil his/her social obligations towards realization of this goal.
  • PSO2: National health Programs: Have the competencies and skills to have comprehension of every aspect of National policies on health and devote herself/himself to its practical implementation.
  • PSO3: Medical Practice : Should be able to achieve competence in practice of holistic medicine, encompassing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common diseases
  • PSO4: Scientific Temper: should be able to develop scientific temper, acquire educational experience for proficiency in profession and promote healthy living.
  • PSO5: Ethics: Should be able to become exemplary citizen by observance of medical ethics and fulfilling social and professional obligations, so as to respond to national aspirations.
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