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Dean's Message

DEAN IIMSR Integral University
  Prof. Abha Chandra
MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery), M.ch (CVTS), DNB (CVTS), Dean (IIMSR)

The Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Integral University, aims to expedite its scope in the field of health care, medical education and research under the umbrella of an eminent academician Prof. S. W. Akhtar, Hon’ble Chancellor of Integral University, Lucknow. The Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research has a delightful and relaxed ambience for education and all-round development of students who come in pursuit of knowledge, skill and attitude under the exemplary leadership of the young, enthusiastic and dynamic Executive Director Mr. Syed Fauzan Akhtar.

The Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research strives to impart standard value-based education in highly disciplined and decorous environment. As per the guidelines of the National Medical Commission the Institute has adopted the competency-based teaching to all undergraduate students of Medical Sciences, with the aim to make the Indian Medical graduate a good clinician, communicator and a life-long learner along with the leadership qualities. The Institute takes pride and a unique distinction in teaching through various modules: as directive lectures, early clinical exposure, AETCOM (Attitude, ethics, communication) module, SDL (Self Directive learning), SGD (small group discussion), SGL (Small group learning), DOAP (Demonstrate, Observe, Access and Perform). With this there are formative assessment from time to time and summative assessment at the end of the session. In addition to the above teaching modules for the postgraduate students a timeline has been prepared for all the Departments in order to complete the entire syllabus within the stipulated time. Formative assessment is also added to the curriculum. In view of the ongoing learning, Guest Lectures, Value added courses on various aspects of Medical subjects, Continuing Medical Education and workshops are regularly being conducted.

The Medical Institute, also takes an initiative in sharpening the learning, promotes research projects which mainly addresses the current health problems and whose outcome be translated into something useful to the mankind and community at large.

The hospital attached to the Medical College is 800 plus bedded,l which also trains 1000 plus healthcare pupils. We have expanded to more than 20 departments with round the clock Emergency & Trauma, Critical care and Blood bank services. The Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research has completed 10 successful years.

During the last two academic years, in the difficult unprecedented time, our faculty members had to face multiple challenges and worked hard to put in their best effort to impart education and offer consistent learning environment with onsite and online mode of teaching with the aim that as an Indian Medical Graduate one should acquire essential knowledge, skills and professionalism and could provide efficiently and ethically, quality medical care to the patients in various fields of Medicine. In the coming academic year, the faculty is working hard to give the students a wider spectrum of opportunities to look beyond the classroom with active participation in the seminar, re-orientation, medical conferences, etc. We appreciate our Faculty members selfless service and dedication, who could happily mould themselves to the changing needs. The Doctors, along with the well trained, dedicated staff and the health care workers at Integral Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital are committed to provide quality care medically, surgically to the patients. In addition to the hospital also provides basic life support, Super Speciality care and outreach programmes, to all sections of the community.It is from here you start your journey towards an important goal of as a Doctor and a distinguished professional to serve the humanity.

  • Integral Institute of Medical Science and Research (IIMS&R) aspires; to achieve national and international recognition for its capability to produce physicians with essential knowledge, skills and professionalism for practicing their profession efficiently & ethically; to provide evidence based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community and to undertake such research program which addresses the prevailing health problems and whose outcome can be translated to a functional service package & program benefiting individuals and the community at large.
  • Mission:
  • The mission of IIMS&R is to produce “Indian Medical Graduate” who possesses essential knowledge, skills, and professionalism as prescribed by the Medical Council of India, and is capable of pursuing a lifelong continuing education to keep him updated about the newer evidence based care and cure and is capable of working in different community settings with high standard of professionalism & ethic and be the lynch pin of the health care system he serves and be able to contribute in meeting the health care needs of the population he serves.
  • Institutional Objectives:
  • The undergraduate students coming out of IIMS&R should be: A competent clinician to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems in an individual at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels using his/her clinical skills. Be competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the community, commensurate with his/her position as a Leader and member of the health team and the health system he works in using his community diagnosis & management skills. Be a competent communicator with patients, families, community and members of Health team and other service providers. A lifelong learner committed to continually update his knowledge and skill. A professional, with all the attributes of a good citizen and committed to provide his services maintaining high standard of professional ethics and also be responsive and accountable to the patient, community he serves and the profession.
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