Integral University Lucknow | International Admissions and Study in India

International Students


Integral University earmarks a certain number of seats for international students. The international students may seek admission in the University through one of the two modes outlined below. Foreign Nationals, PIO/OCI card holders, NRI and NRI-sponsored students are eligible for admission in this category.


  • To lead the teeming millions of the world through the wilderness of ignorance and illiteracy, as "Kindly Light" (Exodus 13:21) with the resounding divine proclamation "Read : Thy Lord is the most bounteous (Quran 30:96:3)." and to educate them in the most constructive and innovative ways.
  • To integrate the ebullience, intellect and dynamism of youth with decency, decorum, discipline and dedication through value-based quality education.


  • To make every student a role model of intellectuals and torch bearers for others all over the world through his / her inspiring existence.
  • To inculcate a spirit of confidence, self-respect and firm commitment in students alongwith farsighted wisdom and understanding.
  • To make India a selfreliant and dominant G-1 country recognized for quality education, higher economic growth and valuable moral practices.