Empowering Academic Leaders: HRDC Academic Leadership Program at Integral University Lucknow

Human Resource Development Center

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Training Program on “Academic Leadership" ( 11th – 17th, 2017)

Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), Integral University, Lucknow— a modern- day academic Avant-guard, inaugurated a One Week Short Term Course on “Academic Leadership” on January 11, 2017. The STC was conducted by UGC HRDC, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh under the scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India— a Center for Academic Leadership and Education Management (CALEM) to re-energize and re-vitalize academic leadership in the Indian Academia.

On the occasion of inaugural ceremony, Dr. Syed Aqeel Ah mad, Director HRDC, Integral University welcomed the participants and also wished them success in their course pursuit. In his welcome address, he recalled John F. Kennedy’s statement that “leadership and learning are indispensible” and the essence of leadership is always to have a vision for greater future.

The task of an academic leader should stimulate apparently ordinary people to unusual efforts. He emphasized on the meaningful academic leadership towards the greater goals to achieve.

Prof. A. K. Saxena, Dean Management raised few questions to be taken up during the course i.e. the problem of academic, non-academic, political and managerial leadership. Observing on the importance of management, he said that time and quality should not be compromised in academics— and values and ethics play vital role in teaching and learning process. The learned course coordinator from AMU, Prof. Parvez Talib gave formal introduction of the program and reflected on knowing ‘Oneself’ in the academic leadership and said that there are layers in the individuals that they themselves do not know. He said that one has to dare— and to dare is to lose footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.

Dr. T. Usmani, Prof. and Dean Education, Integral University, Chaired the Inaugural Session and said that “academic leadership depends on research and excellence in learning and teaching.” He further added that all sort of human knowledge, wisdom, critical and creative efforts come under the academic leadership. Therefore, we need to develop a responsible attitude to find out the goals and objectives in academics. Quoting Albert Einstein, Prof. Usmani said: “the real educated is the one who has learnt the fine art of learning and changing himself.”

In the program, India’s top level academicians and connoisseurs were called for lecturing and sharing their ideas and knowledge for the cause. The STC threw light on the interpersonal relationship, self-awareness or self-knowledge, communication and leadership skills, professional effectiveness and personality assessment.

During the course, Prof. Pervez Talib, the course coordinator from AMU, Aligarh HRDC talking on interpersonal relationship stated that “nobody can make us feel small without our permission,” “one single good act is better than hundred initiatives” and suggested to “live, love, learn and leave a legacy behind.” Prof. Asim Siddiqui from AMU Aligarh said that “the biggest barrier to communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” He also reflected on the linguistic nuances of effective communication. Prof. Jabir Ali from IIM Lucknow said that “learning comes from failure not success,” and stressed on creating learning environment. Dr. Ahmad Faraz from AMU focused on the self-assessment, a subject related to a very special knowledge and a proficiency in professional psychology. Self- assessment is used to increase the accuracy in the behavioral predictions in a variety of settings and contexts i. e. forensic, clinical, organizational and educational. Dr. Rakesh Suri, one of the most touching and impressive speakers of the course talked on leadership internalized. He said “never before has the human race enjoyed such an abundance of wealth, resources and economic power. Yet a huge number of proportions of world citizen is still tormented by hunger, poverty, basic needs and basic education. It is reported that during his lecture majority of the participants started crying in the hall. The course was successfully completed on January 17, 2017.

In the Valedictory Session of the program, Dr. Syed Aqeel Ahmad, Director HRDC, Integral University, in his welcome address thanked the speakers, the entire CALEM team and specially thanked to UGC-HRDC, AMU Aligarh. The Guests of Honours, Dr. Irfan Ahmad, Director Maulana Azad Institute of Humanities and Dr. Sultan Shakir Hashmi, former Member Planning Commission of India expressed great happiness for success of the program. They emphasized on the mind-making of the students to a greater nation by enlightening the new and young minds. The Chief-Guest, Mr. Rizwan Ahmad, former DGP UP quoted many motivational Urdu couplets and congratulated and appreciated the noble effort. He laid emphasis on national unity and integrity.

Prof. Syed Waseem Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor of Integral University, in his Presidential Address congratulated Director UGC- HRDC AMU Aligarh and Director HRDC, Integral University. He said that our time is not of education, learning and information but excellence. He suggested that the teachers should not stick only to the syllabi while teaching but also they must pour the extra knowledge and wisdom for the new advancement in the world. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor was all praise to the Director HRDC AMU Aligarh and Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor AMU Aligarh for their noble efforts. He expressed his word of gratitude for all the distinguished resource persons of the program.

The valedictory program was attended by more than 300 senior teachers of the university and were also served lunch at the great finale. The Registrar of the university Dr. I. A. Khan also graced the occasion by his kind presence. The participants in their open feedback said that the speakers have injected fresh blood in them to circulate their knowledge towards the academic excellence and leadership. The speakers and all the dignitaries appreciated the modus operandi in the Integral University campus. At the end, Mr. Zishan Raza Khan, Dy. Registrar HRDC Integral University proposed the Vote of Thanks and later the participants were requested for a group photo.

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