Registrar of Integral University Lucknow: Leading Academic Administration

Our Leadership

Prof.(Dr.) Mohd Haris Siddiqui


Message from the Registrar

The message for students is "Work Hard, Get Smart", students to think about challenging themselves with reading and writing during their stay with us and equip to challenge the future challenges. On our part we are putting all out efforts to improve quality of campus life by creating a faculty lead learning atmosphere with emphasis Oil Quality of higher education. To strengthen learning atmosphere for students seeking higher education or parents of university students seeking career for their children we at Integral University have provided atmosphere for their social and emotional stability, which is missing in many institutes.

Parents should ask their wards, every month. every year what did you learn this month / this year which would be beneficial for your social and work life.

I ask both the students and parents to take advantage of learning opportunities, we have created in the University, by way of proving conducive learning atmosphere, neat & clean house keeping in the campus and hostel rooms, good and hygienic mess and canteen facilities, campus security etc. All these facilities help in to facilitate the learning atmosphere.

Take advantage to maximize learning.